Yong Tau Foo @ Quad




This is the YTF stall that was formerly at Canteen 2.

As always, the stir fried YTF is still ever popular! It’s a must try because I don’t think you can find it anywhere else in Singapore.

Anyway, YTF pieces are $0.50 each, with a minimum of 6 pieces ($3).

The soup is still as tasty, and the ingredients are well cooked.

After placing your order, the cashier will verbally tell you your “queue number”. So when she shouts your number, you can proceed to the cashier to pay and collect your food.

P/S: The layout of this canteen is horrendous! There are no proper queue lines so it gets very confusing during peak hours. Do avoid the lunch peak hour as much as you can (either go before 12 or after 1.30, thereabouts).