Roasted Chicken Rice @ Quad





It’s been a year since I tried the chicken rice from this stall (and my first post one it seems to have disappeared hmm…).

I can’t remember if the vendors have changed hands, but I think it has.

The rice was not as fragrant as it used to be. In fact, there was no fragrance at all – it was mushy and bland. Either they forgot some seasoning, or it’s just like this.

The drumstick was tender and very tasty, and has an uncanny resemblance to the roast chicken my parents buy from Cold Storage (the cooked meat section).

If you, like me, are a fan of chilli, you’ll be extremely disappointed with the one they have here. Sweet and not spicy (as always, I warn that this is my standard that has absolutely no yardstick for comparison). Then again, with such bland rice, having the chilli is better than without.

The chicken rice also comes with a small bowl of soup, which had some taste, though too salty for my liking.

A usual plate of chicken rice will cost $2.50, but “upgrade” it to the drumstick for $3.

If you’re a fan of chicken rice (for the chicken, rice, and maybe chilli), you might want to steer clear of the ones sold here to avoid disappointment.

However, if you’re in it for the chicken, the roast chicken drumstick is the way to go!