Fried Prawn Hokkien Mee @ New World@NTU





Note: This was taken in mid-October and I believe the stall has seen a change in the owners. Not exactly sure though as the last time I visited (few days back), it was no longer the 2 young men mending the stall.

It had recently opened when I first visited it, so many things were not put in place yet (like the card bearing a QR code).

This stall is the first stall you see when you enter the marchè-style food court.

At that point in time, this stall only sold Fried Hokkien Mee of 2 different portions – $3.80 and $5.

Even the smaller portion was so huge I couldn’t thank the uncle more for filling my hungry stomach.

This stall fries the Hokkien Mee the modern way – With the thick bee hoon instead of the thin one. Even though they didn’t use XO sauce (oh you should head to the Singapore Flyer to try the XO Hokkien Mee!), it was still tasty.

There were 2 prawns and many pieces of sotong (you know how you’d usually only get a tentacle or two). And it really made my day.

A huge plate of flavorful noodles with juicy prawns and sotong can never go wrong.

As a general warning, this review was made based on the set I was served and standards will definitely vary each day. Do not blame me should your meal fall below expectations!