Ice Lemon Tea @ Food Connection


This drinks stall in the food court is a self-service stall. Similar to Canteen B’s drinks stall, you can help yourself to the plastic cups, ice, and drinks. Fill as much of the drink you want, with ice or without ice, and then proceed to the counter to pay. Be warned that spillage shall be chargeable (I’ve not seen anyone spill their drink though).

The ice lemon tea is very sweet so be sure to put ice in it. I wouldn’t pay the $0.70 again though, as this drink has a really bad bitter after taste. Not too sure if it was just me or it’s really the drink. Go for the bandung drink as it tastes way better 🙂

As a general warning, this review was made based on the set I was served and standards will definitely vary each day. Do not blame me should your meal fall below expectations!