Kimchi Ramyeon @ Canteen 9


It’s obviously instant noodles, but rest assure that the $3.50 you’re paying is not solely a packet of instant kimchi noodles.

The soup was more spicy than sour (thankfully, otherwise it can probably be compared to the chinese spicy and sour noodles). Noodles had a Q texture, and really nice when placed in a spoon full of the soup.

The cook’s really generous with the amount of kimchi as I really enjoyed munching on the preserved vegetables while downing the noodles+soup.

This colossal bowl of noodles (for the ladies; I cannot speak for the gentlemen) is guaranteed to put a smile on your face on a cold and stomach-growling night! 🙂

As a general warning, this review was made based on the set I was served and standards will definitely vary each day. Do not blame me should your meal fall below expectations!