Hor Fun @ Canteen 11



This plate let out a really aromatic Hor Fun smell when I went to collect my order. They are generous with the serving as well as ingredients.

My first spoon of Hor Fun made me squeal in excitement! This plate actually has a very distinct Wok Hei taste!

The noodles were well-cooked although there was a portion that was clumpy. The gravy was a little starchy but very flavourful. They are also very generous with the egg white.

For only $3, it’s definitely worth a try!


As a general warning, this review was made based on the set I was served and standards will definitely vary each day. Do not blame me should your meal fall below expectations!


Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Hall of Residence 11 Canteen
20 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639809