Char Siew Rice @ Canteen 2


The portion is slightly bigger than those sold in coffee shops/hawker centres/kopitiams. The pickled vegetables (cucumber and carrots) are crunchy and nice, though it would have been better if they were soaked in vinegar a little longer.

The rice was not oily but too dry for my liking. It lacked that fragrance and oomph that you would expect from a decent plate.

The chilli also did not provide me with that extra punch. It was not spicy at all (Disclaimer: I’m a chilli lover), too sour, and very diluted.

The bowl of soup was also not worth consuming. It lacked a taste and I felt as though I was drinking water with some pepper and chopped spring onion.

The char siew was passable though: Albeit being on the dry side, it was sweet and rather pleasing. (But the charred edges of the char siew were very hard!)

For $3, this plate of char siew rice was a huge let down. But I’ll give them credit for the generous portion of char siew.

P/S: Their cheapest plate is $3. So don’t be fooled by the $2.50/$3 price stated on the signboard.


As a general warning, this review was made based on the set I was served and standards will definitely vary each day. Do not blame me should your meal fall below expectations!


Chicken Rice (Second stall from the right of the row, next to the famous Western Food)

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Canteen 2

35 Students Walk

Singapore 639548